Alida Bea

The Beaz Neaz Chronicles

  1. Jan ‘24 - Happy New Year!

    2024-01-04 23:08:03 UTC
    Happy New Year Readers! 2024 is here, I’ve always liked the number 24 so let’s hope this one is a good one.  Sonia I don’t know about you but the few days leading up to NYE (which I spent a lot of my evening making pals with a lovely greyhound…

  2. Welcome

    2023-10-24 09:43:00 UTC
    Hi there,  Back in the day I used to have a blogspot called The BeazNeaz, I loved posting collections of photos - mostly film photos and instax’s of my friends and college projects from my Photography course.  These days I love posting collections of photos on my instagram stories -…

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