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Camera Of The Month - Canon G2

As part of my new year intention words of ‘Play’ and ‘Reset’ I have given myself a project where each month I focus on a second hand camera from my collection to use for the fun of it. 

First up is my Canon Powershot G2 - a camera I discovered through YouTubers Lucy Lumen and Ali from OneMonthTwoCameras. Its a 4 megapixel digicam with an excellent flash that reminds of the Contax flash. It has varied options for setting including full manual mode and video. 

I love the film feel with the eyepiece viewfinder and strong flat flash. It’s easy enough to pass around for others to use at events, my niece loved taking photos with it over Christmas. 

I bought it for £45 on eBay last summer and paid an additional £10-15 for a card reader and battery charger as it is a camera from 2001. I really recommend this camera if you’re put off by the increasing price of film stock but still want that analogue feel. 

Here are some photos I have taken on this snappy camera

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Next Month - Polaroid Spirit CL 

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