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Camera of The Month - Polaroid Spirit 600 CL

The back story of this camera - my Mum and Stepdad were clearing out my Grandparents’ flat a few summers ago when they found a boxed and untouched vintage Polaroid camera. They gifted it to me for my birthday that year and it’s a real sentimental item. 

I don’t use it often as it needs expensive film that can be temperamental and I don’t want to risk anything happening to the camera itself. 

But I bought some film from Analogue Wonderland before Christmas with some points that i’d accrued, so the girl maths was mathing so obviously it felt like I was getting the film basically half price.

It was really fun to get it out and play around with it again but as you can see from the results not all the shots came out well or gained some ink damage - though I do like this image of the sunset over the sea and the leaks look like waves. 

Surprisingly I liked the images using no flash more, especially when there was finally a day of blue skies. 

I’d love to use this camera a bit more but I think I will plan more of a project when the weather is brighter and I can plan the shots more. 

Take a look at the images and let me know what you think 

These are really fun cameras but its a costly habit, which I think will feel more beneficial if a bit more planning goes into the photos rather than being too snap happy. 

I know the newer versions of the Polaroid cameras have a lot more flexibility and options to play around with settings such as long exposure, aperture priority and double exposure. The film for the new cameras is also cheaper as it doesn’t need the Lithium-Ion Battery inside the film pack. So something to keep in mind if you find any second hand Polaroid cameras - there’s definitely pro’s and con’s for the older and the newer models. 

What’s your favourite way to use your polaroid camera?

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