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Feb ‘24 - When the Reality (TV) hits different

The month is January, the days are long, the nights are cold, the freelancers be sitting and stressing wondering if they’ll ever work again. I recently realised and lets face it admitted to myself, that my most watched genre of tv is Reality tv whether that be a wholesome competition show such as Pottery Throw Down or Sewing Bee all the way to the Real Housewives Franchise. It’s the ultimate switch off tv! In just the last 4 years the world has lived through a pandemic, political nightmares, cost of living crisis and wars that are still ongoing. I’m an anxious person with a highly sensitive disposition, the news sets my body into panic mode so I have to limit my intake which I think has increased my want for comfort even more so over the last few years. 

PSA: Please note that i’m not condoning burying your head in the sand, this is a whole other topic. But this post is more about the escapism into the silliness of a world that is unlike your own. 

A show that has occupied my screen time this month is Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. With only 4 seasons is it definitely one of the most dramatic - damn that finale!!! I randomly started the latest season and then went back and watched from the start. It is a must!! Mary Cosby saying “Bobblehead” lives rent free in my mind.

Next up!! The Traitors!! My my my - what a season. WHAT A SEASON! What an emotional rollercoaster! I think its fair to say the nation became obsessed. Not only was this gripping for the drama but also for Claudia Winkleman’s outfits, I am obsessed with the black fringe coat pictured above. I started the second season of Australian Traitors straight after and it was the most frustrating thing i’ve watched, I couldn’t wait to finish it (yes I carried on to see how it ended). The only thing I loved about it was Amelia Dimoldenberg lookalike - Annabel! 


Next up on my viewing list the remainder of RHOBHMERC .. IS IN THE PURSE” and the start of Ru Pauls Drag Race UK vs The World! … I also heard there was a new series of Love is Blind starting too …

Alida x 

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