Alida Bea

The Beaz Neaz Chronicles

  1. Camera of The Month - Polaroid Spirit 600 CL

    2024-02-29 10:49:47 UTC
    The back story of this camera - my Mum and Stepdad were clearing out my Grandparents’ flat a few summers ago when they found a boxed and untouched vintage Polaroid camera. They gifted it to me for my birthday that year and it’s a real sentimental item.  I don’t use…

  2. Feb ‘24 - When the Reality (TV) hits different

    2024-02-07 12:18:08 UTC
    The month is January, the days are long, the nights are cold, the freelancers be sitting and stressing wondering if they’ll ever work again. I recently realised and lets face it admitted to myself, that my most watched genre of tv is Reality tv whether that be a wholesome competition…

  3. Camera Of The Month - Canon G2

    2024-01-29 13:33:12 UTC
    As part of my new year intention words of ‘Play’ and ‘Reset’ I have given myself a project where each month I focus on a second hand camera from my collection to use for the fun of it.  First up is my Canon Powershot G2 - a camera I discovered…

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